Customer Ready – Dental Display Install & Config

This e-learning is part of the Barco Healthcare Partner Training Program for Dental Depots & Resellers.

Course description

This training will cover how to set up the Dental display and how to assure quality and calibration. You will also learn how to perform the upfront troubleshooting in order to provide the first technical assistance to end users.

Topics covered:

  • Setting up the Dental Display 
  • Quality Assurance and QAWeb
  • Basic troubleshooting



Target audience

Sales Audiences; Inside sales, Sales, Business Development etc


On completion of this module, you will know how to set-up the Barco Dental display out of the box, install and configure ready for best-practice use. 


15-20 minutes



Spoken language



A general Certificate of Achievement “Customer Ready-Dental Display Install & Config” will be provided on completion of this module. This course is however part of the Barco Healthcare Dental Training Program, where you will be required to complete all modules to attain the relevant certification.

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