MXRT Installation Package [DIAGNOSTIC VERSION]

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About MXRT Installation Package [DIAGNOSTIC VERSION]

Helping radiologists work smarter

Barco has developed a suite of clinical tools to enhance productivity, improve visibility, and take workflow to the next level.

Clinically proven results

The diagnostic value of the Intuitive Workflow Tools has been found to increase detection and decrease reading times.

Regulatory-recognized benefits

The Diagnostic Version of the Barco MXRT Software has been recognized and cleared for diagnostic use by regulatory organizations worldwide.

Full productivity suite

Building upon the functionality of the Core Version of the MXRT driver and Intuitive Workflow Tools, the Diagnostic Version includes the following tools:

  • SpotViewTM
    Enhances brightness and contrast inside a circular region of interest while dimming the surrounding image

  • Application Appearance Manager
    Individually manage the color profile and luminance of each application window so content appears as intended

  • I-LuminateTM
    Temporarily boosts display brightness to expose subtle details

  • FilmClip
    Increases the functionality of your display by using it as a virtual light box to view film priors



Work Smarter, not harder

Barco's Clinical workflow tools are designed to enhance radiologist productivity and accuracy.

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MXRT Installation Package [DIAGNOSTIC VERSION]

Diagnostic Version
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