iQ Pro R200L

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About iQ Pro R200L

Barco's iQ™ Pro R200L is designed for intensive use applications where the projector runs most of the day, i.e. reception areas. The iQ Pro projector is the first projector on the market which includes a powerful computer processing server for full networking capability and truly wireless presentations.
Display up to 3 source windows simultaneously, thanks to its advanced picture-in-picture functionality. 
Its built-in switcher makes seamless source switching a snap. 
Barco’s innovative dual-lamp system guarantees optimal reliability: the light will never go out during your presentation. This revolutionary networked LCD projector with SXGA resolution delivers a brightness level of 1,800 ANSI lumens.


The iQ Pro R200 LongLife projector is designed for intensive-use applications. Special precision components and filters have been added to the iQ design to guarantee a longer lifetime of all critical projector components. This way, the time and expense for servicing and maintenance are reduced, which is very important in intensive-use applications.

The iQ Pro LongLife projector includes two 120W lamps, with a lifetime of 6000 hours per lamp. This means that in dual lamp mode, the iQ Pro LongLife projector can run for 6000 hours, and will deliver a light output level of 1,800 ANSI lumens. On the other hand you can use the projector in single lamp mode, reducing the brightness level, and increasing the lifetime of the lamp system as both lamps will run sequentially during a total of 12,000 hours.

The iQ Pro LongLife projector is the ideal solution for applications where the projector runs most of the day, like

  • reception areas that display welcome messages or a corporate videos most of the day 
  • meeting rooms where several presentations are given daily

As part of the iQ Pro family, the iQ Pro R200L further offers a unique combination of innovative features like

  • Advanced networking (a powerful computer server is integrated in the projector).  
    With the iQ Pro connected to your LAN, you can send any kind of file over the LAN to the projector, or save it on the hard disk of the projector. The iQ Pro comes standard with 2 software packages designed by Barco (‘DropZone’ and ‘Remote Control & Diagnostics’).  More information on the revolutionary network design of the iQ Pro series.
  • Advanced picture-in-picture (2 data/1 video)
  • Seamless source switching with transition effects
  • Innovative dual-lamp design
  • Logo storage

iQ Pro R200L

iQ Pro R200L
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